10 Real Stories Of Bullying That Will Shock You

Bullying is formally defined as ‘intentionally aggressive behavior, whether verbal, social or physical aimed towards a specific person or group of people’. According to US DHHS statistics, 1 in 3 students say they have been bullied at school. We have probably faced bullying at least once in our lives as well. Bullies make our lives in school, work or home a lot harder, but most of us get over it once we grow older. Of course, once we have children, we dread the day that they will fall prey to bullies while growing up. Here are 10 of the most shocking stories on bullying.

Bullies Create A Website All Dedicated To Mock David Knight

David Knight was constantly bullied in school, but the final blow of humiliation was when he found out that someone took the effort to set up a website dedicated to abusing and mocking him.

The website has been active for many months until a classmate told him about it. Sure enough when he went to the site it says ‘Welcome to the website that makes fun of Dave Knight’. It includes pages of hateful comments and threats directed to Dave and his family. It even invited everyone to join in posting insults and lewd comments on Dave Knight.

MMA Fighter Challenges Bully To A Fight

Patrick Martin is quite an idiot. He chose to pick a fight with an MMA fighter named Josh Neer, doing a lot of noise and trash talk on the internet.

Josh Neer finally became fed up with the threats and insults– despite being only 5’11 and 170 pounds, he challenged the 6’6 270-pound bully to his gym and settle things once & for all. Patrick Martin accepted and unfortunately took quite a beating from Neer. Martin claimed that he won, despite the video footage showing otherwise. He’s asking Neer for a rematch.

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