10 Ridiculous Fashion Fads In European History

We’ve all seen our share of silly fashion trends during our lifetimes, but crazy styles are nothing new. When America was first being colonized by Europeans, the nobles back home across the pond were cooking up some pretty outrageous fashion fads. Historic A-listers put up with all manner of plucking and prodding, squeezing and strapping, gluing and overheating in the name of fashion. The notion of “beauty before comfort” was certainly at play, even 500 years ago.

Mouse Fur Eyebrows

A forward-thinking, fashion-minded woman in 18th century Europe would know the importance of having up-to-date and beautiful eyebrows. To achieve the “in” look, women would pluck out their entire eyebrows and glue on false ones made of mouse skin. The mouse fur eyebrows would look especially striking against the pale face makeup that was also popular at the time.


These Renaissance-era platform shoes could put many modern platforms to shame with their dizzying heights. Originally designed to help women navigate muddy streets without mussing their skirts, the towering sandals soon became a status symbol. Chopines could reach heights of 20 inches, and teetering slaves to fashion would often need attendants to help steady them as they tried to walk.

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