10 Ridiculous Myths You Believe About Fast Food

Society has long had a love-hate relationship with fast food meals. A lot of people stop to the drive-through on a daily basis or perhaps when they have no lunch and are in need of a cheap meal quick before work begins. But these are sometimes the same people who are willing to offer a sneer and be suspicious about said food and what they hear. We, as a people, fear eating this food sometimes, despite the advances that have been made in recent years for cleanliness and fresh products. Here are ten totally ridiculous myths you believe about fast food.

Everlasting Hamburger

McDonald’s Canada was once asked about their “incorruptible McDonald’s hamburger,” which someone had left alone for a long period of time to see if it would rot, which it apparently did not. A spokesman admitted they dry instead of rotting because of the chemicals within. However, the food still rots like any other burger.

Less Healthy Than Dining In

It has long been said that a fast food establishment is not quite as healthy as a dine-in option at a local restaurant. This is false, as a sit-down meal generally weighs in at around 1,500 calories, which can be more than that drive-through hamburger.

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