10 Rocks And Minerals That Can Kill You

People sometimes wonder if the Earth is ever going to open up and swallow humanity whole. Now, that may never happen, but pieces of the planet will definitely kill us. Believe it or not, there are actually rocks and minerals in this world that are quite deadly and can kill human beings, or whatever else comes into contact (or even close to) them. Sometimes toxic and deadly minerals may crystallize within rocks, presenting truly dangerous and deceptive beauties that some people would love to pick up and collect. Here are ten rocks and minerals that are actually quite deadly, we just didn’t know it.


Coloradoite was only recently discovered in magma veins. The mineral is mostly made of mercury telluride, which is an extremely toxic and rare metal when the two combine into one, making it doubly toxic to anyone handling it.


Chalcanthite is an impressive blue crystal made mostly of copper, but it does combine with sulfur and a few other elements, including water. Once you touch this mineral, the copper seeps into your skin, which can be fatal at high doses.

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