10 Scientific Facts As To Why People Cheat

Last year, in 2015, a massive data leak on the adulterous website Ashley Madison revealed the names and personal details of thousands of people cheating on their spouses. This caused many people to think twice about what was going on when they weren’t around their significant other. This leak also forced research studies and scientists to fully explore cheating and why people cheat during their relationships. Cheating is probably one of the most significant reasons why a couple ends their relationship, and it is also the main plot line for so many romantic movies. Here are ten scientific facts as to why people romantically cheat.

Happy Hormone

Every person has differences within their “happy hormone,” which will affect their likelihood to cheat on their significant other or not. Dopamine floods into our system when we have sex with new people, which causes intense feelings of reward in most people.

Polygamous Mammals

Believe it or not, only 3 percent of mammals are actually monogamous – humans are within that group, for the most part. Most species of primates, for example, do not remain with the same partner for life.

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