10 Sea Creatures That Look Like They’re From Another Planet

The deepest depths of the ocean are some of the most terrifying places on the entire planet. With depths of over 1,800 meters or more, there is almost no light in the vicinity, which has ensured the creatures living deep down have evolved in peculiar ways. These creatures thrive in the depths of the ocean miraculously, and people find them truly fascinating to read about and witness first hand. Here are ten sea creatures that look like they’re from another planet.

Polychaete Worm

The Polychaete Worm crawls slowly across the ocean floor at depths of around 1,200 meters along the northern coast of New Zealand. They are pink in color, but sometimes reflect rainbow coloring. Most grow to around 10 centimeters in length.

Squat Lobster

The Squat Lobster is a creepy little headcrab that is unique in both appearance and its depth of choice. The lobster lives at around 1,400 meters deep, with some going as far down as 5,000. Scientists had never seen one up close until recently.

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