10 Secret Easter Eggs You Missed In Hit TV Shows

Television shows are unique in that people will often watch the ones that they like the most frequently and regularly. This is obviously helped by the fact that most of the best shows will be syndicated and shown on channels almost constantly, giving people the chance to see them over and over again. Knowing this, many writers, directors and producers will add secret Easter eggs in order to provide a reward for devoted viewers to keep them interested and ensure that they get something for their dedication to the show.

How I Met Your Mother

One episode of How I Met Your Mother eventually ends with a major character, Marshall’s father, in a twist ending that almost nobody saw coming. The crew, though, had done their best to warn viewers that something was going to happen though as they hid a countdown from 50 throughout the entire episode. The numbers appear in almost every scene on magazines, sauce bottles, taxis and brochures, counting down to zero when the death occurs.

The Simpsons

Early episodes of The Simpsons featured a variety of clips of Rainier Wolfcastle appearing as McBain in which he would inevitably be caught up in some action sequence. These aren’t just randomly assorted videos though, in fact if they are stitched together they form a complete movie with a proper plot and conclusion.

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