10 Secret Easter Eggs You Missed In Hit TV Shows

Arrested Development

Season 2 of Arrested Development sees the character of Buster Bluth losing his hand when it is bitten off by a seal before it is replaced with a hook. While this was a rather unexpected twist that many fans hadn’t foreseen, the writers had carefully planted clues within the episode in question to give viewers the chance to guess what was coming up. These included mentions of the word “hook” in quotes and events, a reference to a seal not being fed by hand anymore and Bluth playing on a claw machine and winning a stuffed seal toy.

The Drew Carey Show

As Drew Carey is a huge fan of the NFL franchise the Cleveland Browns, he made sure that an image from the team appeared in every single episode of his own sitcom. The Drew Carey Show therefore has a regular Easter egg that gives viewers the chance to hunt for the reference, which can be anything from a sticker to a poster.

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