10 Shocking And Inappropriate T-Shirts For Babies

When you are a baby, you have very little say over your own life. Your parents tell you about what to eat, when to sleep, how to play and what to wear. Your life is completely in their hands. This is the reason most people in the world have so many issues – bad parenting. Bad parenting is an epidemic that is crushing the world. This can happen in big ways and little ways, both can be equally damaging. Making your child wear inappropriate T-shirts may not be the worst thing in the world, but it can be pretty shocking. Here is a list of 10 inappropriate T-shirts that parents make their babies wear.

Santa Claus Doesn’t Exist

If you are a baby, you are living in a seemingly magical world. When the bubble bursts, it can be pretty heart breaking. This parent is clearly playing with the fine line between fantasy and reality.

Daddy Is A Geek

This T-shirt is actually just stating a fact, so it isn’t really that bad. It says worse things about the parent more than anything else.

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