10 Shocking Bans Implemented By Governments

No government in the world is perfect. We have all come to accept the fact that the entire structure of governance, whether it is capitalistic, communist, or anything else, has a lot of flaws attached to it. After all, these systems were created a long time ago, and the world has changed drastically since they were first conceived. Some governments, however, have been shocking in their approach, and have routinely executed some very bad decisions. Applying a ban on certain things is one way a government tends to assert their authority over the lives of people. Here are 10 shocking instances of ordinary things being banned by various governments:

Western Hair Cuts

Iran, a country that has several issues at hand, decided to ban western-styled haircuts in their country. Their local government is apparently displeased with the spread of western culture, and decided to take a stand by banning hair-cuts!

Valentine’s Day

Saudi Arabia believes that Valentine’s day is a violation to Muslim beliefs, which is why the light holiday is banned in the region. We can understand a country banning Valentine’s day because it is a pointless commercial activity that breeds consumerism, but this does not make any sense.

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