10 Shocking Cases Of Inventors Being Killed By Their Own Inventions

Science is a cruel mistress. There is very little reward for attempting to achieve something impossible and failing, and very little recognition when you eventually do succeed. It is one of those rare professions where one can lose their life in pursuit of a greater cause, but this has never deterred scientists across generations. There have been numerous inventors who have attempted to bring their ideas to life and have lost their lives in the process. This list includes those inventors who lost their lives due to their own inventions.

Sieur Freminet

French inventor Sieur Freminet came up with a genius idea of creating a re-breathing device for scuba diving. Unfortunately, his first prototype was of very poor quality and he ended up dying after using it for 20 minutes.

Otto Lilienthal

Being a pioneer in the aviation industry must have been one of the most challenging, nerve-wrecking, yet deeply satisfying experiences in history. Otto Lilienthal, a German engineer came face to face with the joys and pitfalls of flying when he was testing his hang glider in the Rhinow Hills in Germany. His first flight was a success and he managed to travel a distance of 250 meters. Unfortunately, during his fourth test, his glider stalled and he died after falling from a height of 15 meters.

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