10 Shocking Cases Of Mass Hysteria That Caused Panic

Mass hysteria is a strange phenomenon that has only happened a few times in history. What is so strange about it is that it can happen at almost any time in any location around the world without warning. Cases of mass hysteria involve large amounts of people suffering from a collective delusion at the same time, often leading to panic spreading throughout communities. The hysterical symptoms can manifest in the form of imagined diseases to irrational behavior, with some of the most shocking cases appearing to be completely bizarre.

Leg Twitching Epidemic

A school in Louisiana suffered a case of mass hysteria in 1939 when one student began to experience uncontrollable twitching in her leg. When this behavior continued for several weeks, more and more female students began to twitch, with their legs shaking violently. This fueled fears that a strange disease was spreading through the school and many parents removed their children from the faculty in response.

Penis Panic

Penis Panic is a surprisingly common event that has happened in many different cultures. It generally leads to groups of men believing that their private parts are slowly shrinking to the point that they will eventually disappear altogether. The most recent case was in 1967, when thousands of men in Singapore reported to be suffering from the hysteria.

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