10 Shocking Cases Of People Marrying Animals

Marriage is an age-old institute that has played a major role in the perpetuation of our species. The act of marrying someone is sometimes given righteous levels of respect and various minorities have had to fight their way to receive the same rights in this area. People in this generation have begun to argue that marriage has been taken too seriously and that is compounded by the fact that half the weddings are now ending in divorce. This list comprises of marriages that are slightly less serious, the ones conducted between man and beast. Here are 10 instances of people getting married to animals.

Man Marries Dog To Break A Curse

An Indian man by the name of Selva Kumar married a dog, not for the sake of love, but to break a curse. Apparently he killed two dogs when he was 18 and since that incident his body has been semi-paralyzed and he lost hearing in one ear. An astrologer suggested he marry a dog to break the curse and Selva promptly agreed to do so.

Man Marries His Dog

Joseph Guiso is a 20-year-old Australian man who married his pet Labrador. Over 30 people attended the wedding and Joseph claimed that he genuinely loves his dog and isn’t marrying her out of lust. He also said that he was a religious person and he did not think it was right to live with his pet out of wedlock.

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