10 Shocking Facts That Seem Exaggerated But Aren’t

Often times, the truth tends to be a lot stranger than what we read in a fiction story. Every now and then, a little tidbit of information will come across the wire, revealing something truly odd that had happened – whether it be decades ago or just yesterday. Some people will refuse to believe this information when they hear it, while others take it as fact almost immediately. It doesn’t matter which type of person you are, as long as you listen to what is being told. Sometimes, though, a fact seems too exaggerated to be real, so we all dismiss it. That would be wrong. Here are ten shocking facts that seem exaggerated but aren’t.

Soviet Soldiers

During World War 2, over 80 percent of all males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 did not survive combat. In total, they lost over 13 percent of the entire population.

South Korean GDP

Samsung is the largest multi-national conglomerate with its home in South Korea. Most people don’t realize how big they are, though. With an annual revenue of over $300 billion, Samsung accounts for the majority of South Korea’s GDP.

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