10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Michelangelo

How can one think about the Sistine Chapel, the statue of David, the Pieta (or Italy for that matter!), and not think of the name Michelangelo. He is one of the greatest artists in history after all. And while it’s been 500 years since he was alive, Michelangelo’s work continues to inspire and be revered today. But aside from his most famous works, there may be a number of things that would shock you about Michelangelo. Although you’ll learn that he did suffer for his art, Michelangelo was no starving artist as you might assume. And as intriguing as he is, you may not have wanted to sit too close to him. Read on for some shocking facts about this great artist, Michelangelo.

He Despised Baths

Supposedly, Michelangelo’s cloths had to peeled (like and orange) off his body when he died since he’d been wearing them for so long. It’s known that he hated baths and that possibly included a hatred for washing or changing his clothes.

A Most Interesting Self Portrait

Self portraits are always intriguing. They give us an insight about how the artist sees himself/herself and can be found in peculiar places. Michelangelo picked quite the spot for one of his. Look closely and you’ll see Michelangelo’s face in the skin that Bartholomew is holding in the Last Judgement.

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