10 Shocking Lies Reality TV Shows Told You

When we sit down to watch reality television, we assume that the premise of the show and what’s going on in the show is something we can believe as, at least mostly, true. Why else would the program fall under the category of reality television if whatever they are telling their viewers is not the reality of the television show. Since the genre has been around long enough, there are plenty of people who realize that the people who appear on the show have been coached in one way or another, but you still might not realize just how truly misleading the show is being. Check out our list of 10 shocking lies reality TV shows have told you over the years and tell us what you think.

Judge Judy

While Judith Sheindlin used to be a real New York Judge, these days, her role is that of an arbitrator. Even more shocking is that even the people who lose a case in front of her, win some money.

This was best underlined by a couple of roommates who wanted to make some quick cash, so they contacted the show with a crazy tale. Even when most of the production team sussed that they were lying, they still taped the show as it was considered ‘good TV.’ The roommates all made between $250 and $1,200. The winners and losers are all paid by the show.

Call Of The Wildman’

Animal Planet once had a very popular show called Call of the Wildman, which starred Kentucky’s Ernie Brown, Jr. who works as a animal nuisance removal expert. The show has him catching all kinds of weird animals, such as very large snapping turtles with his bare hands.

The problem is the network made Brown’s work quite a bit easier. One investigation into the show found that animals were drugged before filming to make them easier to catch while other animals are planted to create entire scenes. Trappers were also used to get wild animals, which were then released and re-caught by Brown.

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