10 Shocking Photos Showing The Devastating Effects Of Pollution

Although some people still insist on denying global warming and climate change and what it does to this world, there are signs all around us that it is all too real and that it is happening frighteningly fast. Global warming effects our climate, our food, our animals, and most other aspects of our lives. Pollution is a huge contributor to global warming and people who discard items and materials carelessly often have no idea what it’s doing to the planet. While some currently suffer more from its effects more than others, it is only a matter of time until everyone, everywhere in the world feels the power of global warming. Here are ten photos that show just how real global warming is.

This Typhoon

Typhoon Usagi in the Guangdong province in the Philippines is just one example of extreme weather changes caused by global warming.

This Oil-Soaked Bird

Oil spills in oceans have been happening for a long time, but with an ever-growing population and greater demand for oil, they are happening far too often. This bird is coated in oil from an ocean oil spill that will have a devastating impact on marine life.

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