10 Shocking Things People Did After Winning The Jackpot

The Woman Who Got Her Ticket Stolen By Her Own Son

Etta May Urquhart has been playing the lottery for almost 20 years when her luck finally changed. In 2011, she found that she won the $51 million jackpot. She shared the good news to her son, but as she would learn, greed turns the worst of men. His son claimed the ticket as his own and took all the money for himself. He then went on a shopping spree and bought ten cars and four homes. Etta May sued her own sun for fraud & abuse.

The Man Who Spent His Winnings On A Strip Club

Jack Whittaker of West Virginia won an astounding amount of money in 2002 — 315 million US dollars in the Powerball lottery. He later went to visit a strip club where he lost $545,000!

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