10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Captain America

Captain America has long been one of the most popular comic book hero in this country’s history. Just why he’s become so popular is hardly a mystery as even his character in the books was created as a way for the American government to fire up patriotism. Throughout his very long run in the Marvel comic books, he has been a character that has stood for truth, justice and the American way. Despite the fact that he has quite the fan base and following, there are likely somethings you don’t know about the man, the myth and the legend. After reading this list of the 10 shocking things you didn’t know about Captain America, you’ll be much better informed.

He Was Originally Going To Be Called ‘Super American’

One of the reasons the character is as beloved as he is, is because of his name. That’s why it’s a good thing co-creator Joe Simon decided that the name Super American just didn’t hold the same cache and changed it before the first comic went to the printer.

The First Issue Generated A Lot of Hate Mail

The first issue of Captain America featured the hero going up against German soldiers. Considering the era it was released, this likely doesn’t surprise many people. The problem was that America had not yet gone to war with Germany and there were plenty of people in the US who felt they weren’t our enemies. This led to hate mail and eventually Marvel had armed guards patrolling outside its building.

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