10 Shocking True Stories Of Human Sacrifice

Human beings are considered to be the highly intelligent species who spear head civilization across planet earth. While we have achieved greatness in our discoveries and innovations, a considerable part of our history that speaks of human sacrifices, shows a massive lack of reasoning created from the myths that would spread fear of blood thirsty Gods and deities that constantly needed to be appeased. Here are the scariest real life human sacrifice stories ranging from centuries ago to current day threats.

The Mayan Blood Sacrifices

During the pre-Colombian era, Mayans strongly believed in a strange nourishing power of human blood that could replenish deities. The Mayans conducted their ceremonial sacrifice by decapitation and/or heart extraction. Other methods of sacrifice included ritually shooting the victim with arrows, hurling victims into a deep sinkhole, entombing alive to accompany a noble burial, tying the victim into a ball for a ritual reenactment of the Mesoamerican ballgame and disembowelment.

Aztec Human Sacrifices

Human sacrifice was a religious practice of pre-Colombian Aztec civilization as well. In the usual procedure of the ritual, the victim would be taken to the top of the temple and then laid on a stone slab by four priests, to be sliced open by a fifth priest with a ceremonial knife made of flint. The heart would be removed and placed in a bowl held by a statue of the honored god, while the body was thrown down the temple’s stairs.

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