10 Shocking Ways A Zombie Apocalypse Could Occur

Zombies are probably one of the most impressive and coolest monsters in the history of entertainment. They are also the one creature that could be most likely to occur within reality. There are so many different viruses, medical treatments, and scientific research companies that take things to the extreme. One of these items could easily go wrong and turn an entire population into a flesh-eating monstrosity. Of course, most people believe zombies will only ever live in the world of fiction. Well, those people could very well be wrong. Here are ten shocking ways a zombie apocalypse could occur.

Toxoplasma Gondii

Toxoplasma Gondii currently infects over half the population of the world already. Basically, this is a brain parasite that tends to infect rats and will breed within the intestines of a cat.

The Rage Virus

While it is not technically called ‘The Rage Virus’, it is referred to as mad cow disease in real life, the concept is basically the same. Eating diseased meat can cause humans to experience a scary delirium and muscle twitches.

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