10 Shocking Ways Recycling Helps Our World

Recycling has long been considered one of the very best ways for humanity to protect our environment. As an individual, you may not be fully able to control carbon emissions and the ozone, especially with the emissions of factories and the government, but you can make some changes in your own life in order to make a slight difference in your immediate area. More and more people are turning to recycling in an effort to help out where possible, and there are some incredible ways that it is actually helping. Here are ten shocking ways recycling helps our world.

One Can

Believe it or not, recycling just a single aluminum can – such as those from soda pop – can save enough energy to listen to an entire musical album on your iPod. That is rather impressive.

Motor Oil

If you do not use the proper methods to dispose of motor oil, just one single gallon can contaminate up to 2 millions gallons worth of fresh water. It really does pay to take care of your vehicle and its waste.

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