10 Signs That Prove You Are A Computer Addict

The technological era has given us so much over the past two decades that it is hard to complain about it in any way. The only real complaint you can make is about the attitude of people and how it has morphed around the technology. We now own more devices per person than most families would own just a few years ago. We can hardly go a few minutes without checking our phones for updates or keeping track of our social media identities. If you think you are getting over involved with computers, then here are a few signs that prove that you are a computer addict.

Waking Up With A Keyboard Imprint

If you spend so much time with your computer, that you wake up in the morning to find a bunch of keys and letters on your face, you know you are a computer addict.

Taking Your Laptop To The Bathroom

If you need to take your laptop with you everywhere, including the bathroom, you know you are a computer addict.

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