10 Spectacular Real-World Locations That Are Seemingly From Another Planet

There are so many fantasy fans these days – what with Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and so many more. Some people wish they were living in a fantasy world, more often than not. That is fine, as long as they realize how beautiful planet Earth can actually be at times. There are certain locations hidden away across the planet that one would swear they were plucked straight from your fantasy novel. It’s hard to discern which is real life and which location is created by a magician with a fantastical mind. Here are ten impossible real-world locations taken from fantasy.

The Painted Peaks

In China, the Painted Peaks are a mountain range unlike any other. For miles, the jagged peaks are striped in a rainbow of colors. In 2010, the entire range was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Cavern Temple

The Cavern Temple is a remote jungle temple that stems straight from an adventure story. The tower entrance is overgrown with vines. Inside, golden idols are situated for everyone to relive Indiana Jones.

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