10 Spooky Urban Legends That Became Famous

Some people find it extremely difficult to differentiate between real life and myth these days, and that is because so many popular myths and urban legends have some incredibly famous to the point where they very well could be true stories from lore. Of course, some myths are far more realistic than others. You certainly wouldn’t consider a giant monkey throwing barrels from the Empire State Building to be a real life happening, for example. But the tale of a dark figure snatching kids from the woods is certainly believable. Here are ten spooky urban legends that became famous.

Bloody Mary

The original legend of Bloody Mary is so old that there are too many variations and versions of the story to truly sift through. Basically, you light a candle in a dark bathroom and say her name three times into the mirror before she appears. It never ends well in the stories, though.

Kidney Heist

The story of the kidney heist first began surfacing around the late ’90s. An e-mail circulated, telling the tale of a man who awoke in a tub filled with ice after having passed out in a bar. His kidney had been stolen while he was unconscious, supposedly to sell on the black market.

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