10 Stars Who Succumbed To Gluttony

While body shaming is wrong, many people still treat obese persons as “different.” This shows that many folks are still obsessed with being thin, which is a good thing if done correctly. With this in mind, we should help those who don’t have this mindset develop it. We should also help those with legitimate health problems, whereby they’re unable to control their weight, feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, pop stars aren’t doing a good job of this themselves as you can see by looking at those who have allowed themselves to get overweight then go to desperate measures to become thin once again. Take a moment to check out who some of them are.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was once heavyweight champ of the world. Today, he’s still a heavyweight, but in a different way. After retiring from the boxing world, he let himself go. It’s as if food became the next thing he wanted to conquer.

Mariah Carey

Sexy pop star Mariah Carey let go of her sex-appeal and found that meant struggling to find clothes that actually fit. Unfortunately, her career isn’t only as a singer, but as a sexual object so she eventually had weight reduction surgery.

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