10 Stars Who Succumbed To Gluttony

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal was a fit, professional badass until he started slamming donuts instead of slamming the bad guys. You can witness this for yourself as you watch him on his latest show, “Lawman,” which is a law enforcement reality show wherein he chases after criminals. It’s also interesting to note that he still gives martial arts master classes regardless of his being out of shape.

Val Kilmer

In the 1980’s, Val Kilmer rivaled Tom Cruise both on and off the screen. They were two of the hottest men on Earth. However, Val Kilmer went from expert United States Airforce pilot to Batman, to the refrigerator. Yes, gluttony got the best of him too. In fact, it’s left him begging for work because nobody wants to hire him now that he’s bigger.

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