10 Statistics That Make Us Feel Better About The World

It is hard to tell if things are getting better or worse around the world. Terrorism is at an all-time high, an economic meltdown seems inevitable, genocide in Africa and Asia is still rampant, environmental issue are only compounding, and technology seems to be causing a brand new set of problems. We are living in an age of transition, the future seems quite uncertain at this point, but all is not lost. There are plenty of positives that can still be observed today and focusing on these might be a good way to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in. Here is a list of 10 positive statistics regarding the state of the world.

Drop In Illiteracy

The best way to beat a majority of the problems in the world is by educating people about the issues. The illiteracy rate in the world has dropped from 46% in 1970 to 18% at this point.

Sanity In Europe

Europe has become quite the safe haven at this point of time, but things were quite gruesome during the middle ages. The murder rate in the continent has fallen by 35 times from the middle ages to the 1900’s.

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