10 Strange And Unusual Musical Instruments

Music is a universal leveler. It can bring nations together and can unite people unlike any other medium. The mass appeal of the genre makes it quite unique in the artistic world. This is why the landscape of music manages to change constantly from time to time. Every era is famous for its own musical styling. From the disco in the 80’s to grunge in the 90’s, music continues to evolve, as do the artists and even their instruments. There are several musical instruments out there that are completely unheard of as well. Here is a list of 10 strange and unusual musical instruments.

Stalacpipe Organ

The Stalacpipe Organ was created in 1956 and is the largest musical instrument in the world. It was invented by Pentagon scientist Leland Sprinkle. This massive instrument occupies three acres of the Luray caverns in Virginia and the music is created by striking the stalactites in the cave with rubber mallets using a keyboard console.

Pikasso Guitar

The Pikasso guitar was originally designed by Linda Manzer. It draws its name from the cubist works of Picasso and is actually a modified harp guitar with a wedge-shaped body. It is used predominantly in Jazz, but works well with other genres as well.

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