10 Strange Books That Will Make Every Literature Buff Cringe

The art of reading has been slowly dying due to the emergence of the technological era. You would think that having more access to titles from all over the world would make people read a lot more than ever before, but it turns out that other mediums that are easier to digest are getting all the attention. Even the quality of the writing has been slowly depreciating over time, and the medium has opened itself up to strange and unusual topics that would have never been explored before. Here is a list of 10 strange books that you probably didn’t even know existed.

The Truth Behind Hitler

Hitler isn’t one of those people from history who has been misunderstood. This title suggests that people do not know him well enough. Not knowing whether he is a vegetarian or not doesn’t really change the repercussions of his actions though.

Make Your Own Sex Toys

Are you the kind of person who likes working with your hands — in the workshop and in bed? This book is the perfect way to avoid embarrassing situations at sex stores by teaching you how to satisfy your own needs and the needs of your partner with homemade toys.

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