10 Strange Details Found In Flags Around The World

Recently, New Zealand held an online competition in order to find a new flag for the island nation. The competition saw some truly bizarre entries, and the end result was the country keeping their original flag. Creating a great flag can be harder than most people expect, which is why a lot of countries just use a couple of colors and stripes while symbolically attaching meaning to those elements. Some countries, however, try to be bold while creating their flags, and these can have quite a unique appeal. This list features 10 flags from around the world that have tried to use some strange details to make their flags stand out:

Wales Flag

The flag of Wales uses a red dragon as its premier element, making it look like a flag from mythical times. The dragon is used to refer to King Cadwaladr, a man who ruled Wales in the 7th Century.

Nepal Flag

Can you tell that there is something different about this flag? Nepal is the only country in the world to use a flag that is non-quadrilateral.

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