10 Strange Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of

Drugs have been used and abused all throughout human history. Sometimes they are taken for their hallucinogenic or stimulant effects that give a feeling of energy and euphoria, while in other instances a drug might be used because it is a depressant and dulls pain. Of course, some drugs are actually prescribed medications that are designed to cure diseases and relieve symptoms. Whatever the case, people are constantly on the hunt for new types of drugs that they can experiment with and they have plenty of choice, as these bizarre drugs show.


Dimethylheptylpyran (DMHP) is a synthetic drug that was develop dby the US military in the 1950s at the Edgewood Arsenal. It is effectively a super potent form of marijuana that has all the same effects but can last for days. Just 1 mg of the substance was enough to stop a soldier from being able to carry out his normal duties for three days.


Jenkem is a truly disgusting drug that is created using human waste. The excrement is taken directly from sewers and then fermented in plastic bottles before being inhaled by users, which is said to cause hallucinations.

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