10 Strange Good Luck Charms From Around The World

It is hard to explain why people believe in superstitions. There is so much chaos and disorder around us, that it is sometimes nice to bring a little order into your life by having certain things go your way. It is a way of taking control, a way of seeing order in the chaos. The world can also be a tough place, and having a few things that make you feel lucky go a long way in giving you confidence. People all over the world believe in good luck and bad luck, and this belief takes various shapes and forms. This is the list of 10 good luck charms from around the world that are strange and unorthodox.

Cat’s Eye

A special gemstone known as Cat’s eye is used as a lucky charm by gamblers all over the world.

Lucky Key

The ancient Greeks and Romans first believed that having a lucky key unlocked the door to the gods, allowing your prayers to safely and swiftly reach them. The Japanese believe that having three keys tied together will bring you health, wealth and love.

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