10 Strange Literary Forms You Didn’t Read In School

Some of us have read some pretty weird stuff in school, but much of it doesn’t compare with the literature on this list. Most of what is offered in school may be a little strange, but is usually still readable. Ranging from the unreadable, to the nonsensical, to inspired by order and constraints, this list of literature types will make you think about books a little differently. And maybe add to your list of books to avoid.

“Writing” As Art

This writing isn’t really writing at all. Here we have an art form that resembles writing, but actually contains no words or real letters at all. It’s called asemic writing. Its name derives from a medical condition called asemia in which people, often stroke patients, are unable to understand signs and symbols. While the letters themselves are meaningless, the art work often transcends language.

We Make Our Own Reality

Taipei, a novel by American author Tao Lin, is an example of alternative literature that is called, inconsiderately, “Asperger’s Realism.” This literature is known for being quite emotionless and robotic. That said, it also has tendency to bend the truth. Authors of this style claim to write about really private matters, like their sex lives or their use of drugs, but in truth, they are not being as honest as they seem.

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