10 Strangest Things Fans Have Sent Celebrities

Some celebrities and famous figures have such devoted and hardcore fans that many of them can become more like stalkers than simple followers of their work. One of the main ways this type of behavior can manifest itself is through the sending of fan mail through the post, although usually this just involves an admirer sending a letter or small gift to a person they look up to. In some cases though, fan mail can take on a slightly darker meaning and feeling, with people sending some truly bizarre and disgusting things into their heroes.

Severed Ear

Jared Leto, the actor who is set to portray The Joker in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, was sent a severed ear in the post by a fan. It was unclear whose ear it was and why it had been sent but it did come with a note asking “Are you listening?” According to Leto, he turned it into a necklace.

Breast Implant

Star of The Walking Dead Norman Reedus was sent a silicon breast implant from one of his adorers. According to an accompanying note, the fan had sent it in to cheer him up and she thought that the actor had looked depressed recently.

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