10 Studies That Yielded Stange And Bizarre Results

Our society is an amalgam of a plethora of unique elements that makes everyday life so beautifully interesting. Understanding the world around us is quite a difficult task because the world and the people who inhabit it are constantly changing. There are thousands of studies that are being conducted every year that aim to help us make sense of the world by providing unique insights. Here is a list of 10 studies that managed to provide some unique, unexpected and bizarre results.

Love For Bacon

According to a study conducted by the Maple Leaf Foods Inc. in 2010, 43% of Canadians would pick bacon over having sex if they were left with no other option. The organization decided to make the most out of the results of this study by creating a new bacon-based lubricant called ‘Baconlube’.

Married Women Love Their Alcohol

People assume that marriage tends to make life a bit more sober and mellow. A study conducted in 2012, however, revealed that married women tend to drink a lot more than single women, divorced women and widowed women.

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