10 Studies That Yielded Stange And Bizarre Results

Psychology Of Internet Trolls

The internet is domain that gives voice to the voiceless and also allows people to anonymously state their opinions. Perhaps the worst side effect of this is the rise of the ‘Internet Trolls’. A study conducted by the University of Manitoba showed that people who tend to troll the internet have a sadist mentality. According to the study, there is a direct link between internet trolls and prevalence of psychological conditions such as sadism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

John Hopkins’ Magic Mushroom Study

There is a negative stigma associated with using Magic Mushrooms and psychedelics in society but a study conducted by John Hopkins had some surprising results. Nearly everyone who participated in the experiment walked away from the psychedelic experience feeling happier, kinder and calmer. Apart from that, the drug also altered a person’s personality in the long run, making them focus on more creative ventures and pursue their passions. The most striking part of this study was the fact that the drug acted as a deterrent to smoking, with nearly 80% of the participants quitting smoking after just three sessions.

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