10 Stunning Aerial View Shots From Around The World

Our perception of the world is highly limited based on our finite abilities. We perceive time and space with the few senses that we possess, and most of the time we are unable to understand the true scope of things around us. Technology goes a long way in amplifying our senses and abilities, bridging the gap between our intentions and our capabilities. Viewing the world through aerial shots is a real gift. It provides us a sense of magnitude that we could have never achieved on our own. This list features 10 of the best aerial view shots taken around the world.

Lumber Yard, Gabon

It might look like pencils from afar, but this is actually a massive lumber yard located in Port Gentil in Gabon.

The Seperation Wall, West Bank

This is the Israeli West Bank barrier that runs nearly 430 miles in total. The wall is not one solid structure as it appears, and consists of walls, fences and vehicle barrier trenches.

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