10 Superhero Stories Coming To The Small Screen


The SyFy network is jumping into the super hero story fray by bringing your Kryton. DC Comics fans know that is the planet of Superman’s birth. This show will reportedly center around the Man of Steel’s grandfather and is being helmed by David Goyer. Goyer has a ton of superhero movie street cred as the man behind Batman Begins and The Dark Knight as well as the Blade trilogy and the most recent Superman movie reboot. The show hasn’t entered production yet so it will be a while before we see this.

X-Men: Legion

Fox has picked up a couple of Marvel Comics stories that center around the X-Men universe. One of the most interesting that’s coming in the next few years will be Legion, which will reportedly focus on Professor X’s son. This son has a number of awesome powers, but he also has some serious mental problems. The showrunners have called this the Breaking Bad of the comic book world. Having just been picked up, we’re not sure exactly when we’re going to see it.

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