10 Surprising And Shocking Facts About Food

Our culture has evolved around food, as food is essential to life, no matter how little or how much a person is eating. From fresh food to fast food, there are many unknown facts about where they come from, what they are made of, and what happened to some favorite foods that have been discontinued in the past. Some of the following facts will blow your mind, freak you out, and make you think twice about certain foods.

This is a small snippet inside some of the secrets and lesser known facts about food. Here is a list of ten surprising facts about food.

Food Is Legally Allowed to Have Bugs or Hair

In the United States, the FDA passed regulations that state that “natural defects” in certain food products are allowed to have a specific amount of insects or rodent hair to be present in food. An example is canned mushrooms are allowed to contain up to 20 maggots to pass inspection.

Shellac Is Made From Bug Extract

Shellac, which is produced from female lac bugs, is used as a brush on coloring agent in candy like jelly beans and even wood finish. Shellac was even used to glue and stabilize dinosaur bones until the 1960’s when the long term negative effects of Shellac were found.

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