10 Surprising Bird Mating Rituals You’ve Never Heard Of

As humans, we have devised some rather complex dating behaviors. However, we’ve got nothing on birds. Each species has its on way of attracting the opposite sex in order to eventually mate. In our case, it’s usually hair and make up, flirting, gifts and dining. In birds, it’s singing and dancing but on a whole different level. Birds came so far that they’ve actually managed to walk on water in order to attract that really cute guy across the pond. Here’s the ten most surprising bird mating rituals you’ve never heard of.

The Red-Capped Manakin

The red-capped manakin beats even Michael Jackson when it comes to dance moves. During mating rituals, these birds find a fitting branch and use it to moonwalk all over it. They accompany the dance with some originals beats, too.

The Greater Roadrunner

Roadrunners, just like humans, use food to impress their chosen ones. Male roadrunners present the females with snake or lizard. If the female roadrunner accepts the gift, they mate.

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