10 Surprising Things That Prisoners Can Have In Jail

Most people who think of prisoners in jail will naturally assume that they will be severely limited in exactly what they can and can’t have. After all, they are in the facility because they have committed crimes and are being punished, so most of the people would think it was perfectly fine to not give them access to many items that we consider essential. The truth is, though, that prisoners can actually get their hands on plenty of surprising things that you might have guessed would be banned.

Game Consoles

Despite the fact that games consoles are generally considered as a luxury item for the vast majority of people, those who are the most trustworthy and have earned the most privileges might be allowed to have their own console. Generally they will be older models as inmates are usually banned from owning devices that can connect to the internet, while the games have to have rating that say they are suitable for children.

A Restaurant

Jorge Gutierrez is an inmate at a prison in Honduras and he actually owns and operates his very own restaurant separate from the standard jail cafeteria. The service has its own select foods, special menus for the prisoners to use and even hires other inmates to serve the food. The business is so profitable that Jorge doesn’t want to leave prison as he would be worse off financially.

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