10 Terrible Diseases With No Known Cures

As people evolved throughout the ages, research and technology has taken leaps forward to cure advanced forms of new diseases, viruses, and other illnesses that kill off mankind. Unfortunately, a lot of diseases remain incurable, and oftentimes end with the death of those infected with the aforementioned illnesses. These can be airborne, waterborne, or even blood-borne. Humans are frail and fragile creatures and science can only go so far, sadly. Here are ten terrible diseases that still have no cures.


AIDS, otherwise known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a result from the HIV infection. It is often fatal, but can sometimes be managed with medication. That being said, though, it is incurable, and most people suffer their entire lives with the disease.


While some forms of cancer are manageable, and can even be removed from the body for lengthy periods of time, most are incurable. Oftentimes, those afflicted by the disease end up perishing in the end.

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