10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Harry Potter Series

While there are literally millions of fans of the Harry Potter movie and book universe, that universe is so vast that people are bound to miss things here and there. There are also people who spend quite a bit of time taking a good long look at the series. Sometimes they’re taking a look at the series because they love it so much they want to know everything about it. Other times, people are just wanting to find something that is wrong because they want to be able to stand up and say they are the best fans, and they know the most about the series than other people. Even those who are going over the books and movies with a fine toothed comb have likely missed the things on our list of the 10 things you didn’t know about the Harry Potter series.

The Stories Were Based in Part On The Author’s Life Story

JK Rowling was successful in making the characters believeable because they were largely based on the author. Rowling has said Hermione was a lot like her when she was younger and the dementors were based on the depression she’s felt at times.

Harry and Voldemort Are Relatives

Rowling once went through the history of the Harry Potter universe and revealed that both Harry and Voldemort are both descended from the Peverells. This family is the one that is featured in the Three Brothers.

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