10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Lingerie

Whether you are male or female, everyone loves lingerie for one reason or another. For women it can help them feel attractive and seductive while the delicate underwear is often considered to be very sexy by men. However, there is more to the nightwear than might initially meet the eye as the clothing has a long and strange history that you probably had no idea about. In fact, there are plenty of facts about lingerie that will likely surprise readers, such as these ten that we’ve gathered for your perusal.

Corsets Were Made Out Of Whale Bone

Although the corset isn’t something that the vast majority of women like, it has remained a popular type of underwear that is often used in burlesque shows. While they use sophisticated materials in the modern age, older versions from the early 1900s were made out of whale bone as it was both strong and flexible.

The Sports Bra Was Invented In 1977

While woman have been competing in sports for decades, it wasn’t until 1977 that they were able to do so in comfort as that was the year that the sports bra was invented. It may come as a surprise considering that it was simply a bra that was made of an elastic material that could help to hold breasts in place so that they didn’t move during exercise.

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