10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Dogs

Dogs are both a man’s and a woman’s best friend. We love to snuggle with dogs and we love to spend time with them walking, playing with them and take care of them as best we can. We also want to understand them, because when they whine or bark at us, we want to know what it is they are after. Having said all that, even people who do quite a bit of research about dogs are going to miss a few things here and there. Luckily for you, we’ve brought you some factoids about dogs that you probably didn’t know.

They Catch Yawns From Us

People yawn when they see other people yawn because it’s a form of empathisizing. New studies show dogs will also yawn when they see someone they are familiar with yawning and this hints that they can empathisize with people they know.

The Cloned Puppy Market Isn’t Perfect

Cloned dogs are a thing, but it isn’t a very big thing. One company recently shut its doors because there wasn’t enough business from people who wanted a cloned dog.

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