10 Things You Should Know About Flying On A Plane

Millions of people do it every day, but if they knew some of the things you’ll find in this article there might be a lot more people who were staying away from that kind of thing entirely. Some of the things you’ll find here are terrifying and some of the things you’ll find are just plain weird. What we do know is that the things you’ll find on here weren’t things the average person knows. Take these facts to your next dinner party. Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors and tell them everything you’ve learned here tonight. Then make sure they don’t get on a plane until they’ve studied this list. At least check out the 10 things you should know about flying on a plane and let us know what you think.

Faking Disabilites

Plenty of pilots and flight attendants have told tales of people faking needing a wheel chair in order to board a plane earlier. Federal law requires anyone asking for a wheel chair to be provided. When they’re getting off the plane, they no longer need them. The industry refers to this phenomenon as “miracle flights.”

Planes Don’t Have To Be In Perfect Shape To Fly

There is a long list of things that can be wrong with a plane and still have it take to the air. This is called the Minimum Equipment List.

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