10 Totally Extraordinary Personal Vehicles You Can Own

The world of automotive and transportation technology has been steadily improving every single year. Researchers and inventors are coming up with brand new ways to get from point A to point B in the quickest, most efficient time possible. Some inventions have taken a turn to the extraordinary, however. Such as the street legal car that can turn into a fully-functioning airplane. We’d like to bet one of these will catch your attention, and perhaps even your wallet. Here are ten totally extraordinary personal vehicles you can own.

The Transition

The Transition is a street-legal automobile that converts into a Light Sport aircraft in just 30 seconds. It can achieve 115 miles-per-hour while in the air, and 65 miles-per-hour on land.

Triton 3

It’s like something from a spy movie. There is a mini, personal submarine capable of holding just two or three people and descending to 1,000 feet under the ocean. It is both safe and comfortable.

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