10 Tragic Deaths That Happened At Theme Parks

Theme parks are meant to be wondrous and fun places where adults and children alike can enjoy themselves on various rides and attractions. They are often described as some of the happiest places on Earth and famous examples like Disney World are able to attract millions of visitors every single year. Things can go wrong, even though they are usually incredibly safe. Unfortunately, when accidents do happen at theme parks, the consequences can be severe and those involved will often suffer serious injuries or even death.

Galaxyland Amusement Park

Galaxyland Amusement Park is home to one of the largest indoor rollercoasters in the world. Known as the Mindbender, it is now best remembered as the scene of a terrible accident that killed three people. During the ride a car derailed from the track and flew through the air before landing on the ground, leaving multiple others with horrific injuries.

Action Park

Action Park has developed a terrible reputation due to a number of accidents that have seen six people die. The most prominent amongst the rides that led to fatalities was the wave pool, an attraction that had led to the deaths of several people of various ages when they got into difficulty and drowned.

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