10 Types Of Sharks Responsible For Human Attacks

Sharks may not have been created to eat mankind, but that has not stopped them from doing so throughout history. Some sharks won’t bother people, and actually enjoy being around divers and those swimming in the water. However, there are some species of sharks that are highly aggressive, which means they have been known to attack and kill humans on more than one occasion. Sharks tend to attack when they mistake a person for a seal, or when provoked. Here are the top ten types of sharks known for attacking people.

Nurse Shark

The Nurse Shark tends to be quite peaceful, but it is also quite large. Living within the coral reefs of Brazil and Mexico, the Nurse Shark has been responsible for a total of 54 attacks against humans, though none of them have been fatal.

Sand Tiger

The Sand Tiger is known for being quite aggressive and dangerous, as it has protruding teeth that can tear someone apart. Throughout history, however, this species has been responsible for 77 human attacks, with only one of those resulting in death.

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